5 ways to engage your website visitors and make them stay longer.

"How do you engage your website visitors?"

That very question has come to me several time, so today I have decided to discuss in details, 10 ways to get visitors engaged and why you should.

Previously, I wrote an article about ranking a website, and i mentioned that Google uses "time on page" to determine relevancy of a website. Which is one of the reasons why you should engage your visitors.

First of all, let's understand what the term "engagement" means in terms of blogging…

What actually is blog engagement?

Engagement simply means the way people interact with your blog contents. This involves commenting on your posts, sharing your contents to social media, subscribing to your newsletter, etc.

Your engaged blog readers are the ones who are active on your blog and are more likely to convert to buyers.

Engaging your website visitors can actually make then last longer on your blog, because, for them to take actions simply means they have studied your contents and are satisfied with what you have given them.

Based on what we have tried in the past, we believe these 5 simple hacks can increase engagement rate on your website.

5 ways to engage your website visitors

1. Get them talking on the comment section.

One of the best ways of engaging your website visitors is giving them access to comment. The comment section does a lot of work.

First, it let your audience contribute to your idea, By sharing their own thoughts and experiences.

Second, it helps you to understand better the kind of audience you have, so you can know what kind of content to provide them.

Honestly, they need access to the comment section, but first, you must create a comment worthy content.

People are not going to get engaged if you don't get their attention. Blog posts that sounds like some kind of college lectures will only get them bored, and drive them away.

If you write a piece of content that gets a lot of attention, and of course get visitors curious, you will end up getting a lot of comment.

Before a reader drops a comment on your blog post, it's either they need more information about what you just discussed on your contents, or they are satisfied with the information you provide and maybe want to contribute.

So, writing a content that solves problems is the first step to attracting visitors comment.

Writing a promising title will also increase your chances of getting more and more comments to your blog post.

Yes, make a promise but make sure you fulfill it in the post content. Promise unfulfilled will result to increase in bounce rate.

Don't neglect the old saying that says; "don't make a promise you can't keep". It applies in all places, even in the internet.

When you make promises in your titles, it prompts people to read your contents to find out if you have kept those promises or not. While they read, they are gathering some questions to shoot in the comment section.

2. Build Strong Internal Links

Another thing that gets people really engaged in your blog is when you build a perfect link structure.

Believe it or not, if you are not practicing a good internal linking strategy, people are not staying any longer on your blog. They will just read through the page they have access to, and exit your blog.

And when they exit, 85% don't come back!

How internal links engage visitors.

First, I described engagement as activities being carried out on a website. So, isn't "link clicking" activity?

The purpose of engaging audience is to make them stay longer on your blog. And that's exactly what internal links does.

Internal links enables smooth navigation through pages of a website. This means, when someone lands on a page of your website, he can easily locate other pages related the present one.

If a page is talking about cats and rats, and you have another page that talks about "how cats can't live with rats" you can easily link to them. Who knows? That might be the one to solve visitors problem. ?‍♂️

3. Give them Videos to watch

There is no better way to get more attention, than to display moving images (videos) on a page. Videos does not only get people's attention, it gets them engaged.

Apart from getting more views over written text, videos get more than 1200% shares over text and images combined.

80% of the people who use the internet spend more time watching video and listening to podcasts. Instead of reading a long piece of blog post, they would rather watch a clip that summarized the whole content.

When it comes to converting visitors to buyers, videos are 45% more effective.

4. Show them Good quality Images.

Have you not heard? Images speaks a thousand words ?. Why do you think brands like manta and Coca-Cola use infographics more often within their site?

Engage your website visitors

This is because images are very engaging. But not just any image..

You must use images that describe their true purpose on the page on which they are used.

If you are writing on how to accomplish a certain task, you may need to show them screenshots step by step for better understanding.

5. Improve website design

If your website is poorly designed, it will affect usability and increase bounce rate.

People like to see amazing designs, anything appealing to the eye.

So make your website design elegant. Add clear navigation, branded colour, logo, and make it look professional.


The level at which people interact with your blog contents sends signal to Google and other search engine, telling them how relevant the content is.

If you can get more and more engagement on your blog, and make your website visitors stay longer on your blog, then you are way forward to high ranking.

Do you have any other way to engage your website visitors? Feel free to share your opinion, using the comment section below.