SERP Ranking Simplified: Essential guide to rank your website fast

Today, you will learn how serp ranking woks, and how to rank your website fast and easy!

Getting Google to craw and index your website is not the same as ranking your website. They are two different things all together. Your site can be indexed and yet appears on the last page of search result.

Ranking simply means the process of bringing your website all the way from the button to the top of SERP page and remaining there.

A lot of hard work is required from you.

SEO doesn't work like magic, to bring your content to the first page of search results takes a whole lot of time but with this guide, you can increase the chances of getting there sooner than it could usually take.


Before I continue to guide you on how to rank your website fast, let me also show you how ranking works.

How does serp ranking work?

In SEO, Ranking means the position of your website contents on the search results when search related to your site's keywords is performed. If your website content shows at the first spot when a search is conducted, then that content is ranking #1 for the searched keyword.

Google relies upon hundreds of factors to determine which content better serve user intent. There are about 200 ranking factors according to backlinko and all of these factors are focused on usability and user intent.

Google spider craws web pages on the internet, include them on it's index so that when a search is conducted, it looks through it's index and choose results it believes that will solve searchers problems.

In other to decide which page that comes first, Google judge web pages according to

  • Trustworthiness

  • Purpose

  • Authority - including domain age

  • Content quality

  • Reputation.

Every year, Google seams to introduce a new raking signal, making it even tougher for new websites to grab any spot in SERP. About 15 years ago, SEO was so simple that you only have to place keywords on different places of your web page and still rank at the first page.

But what do you expect? SERP now suffers violence, and only the violent takes it by force ?

How to rank your website fast

Like I stated earlier, there are more than 200 ranking factors, but the truth is you cannot keep to all of them!

So here is the easiest way to rank your website fast.

1. Create Quality content.

It's been said more than a thousand time, Content is King! Now, not just content but quality content.

If you want to rank your website fast, you should start creating content That can push it's way out of the crowd. The more information your pages contain, the more search engine bots love to feed on them.

How to create quality content

If you look around the web, every information you can find about creating a good quality content is focused on user intent. And that's what Google requires from every website.

To create a quality content, here are the things you need to do..

1. Know what people are looking for

People come online every day to find solutions to their problems. If you can identify what these people are looking for, especially your target audience, you will be able to create contents that can help them solve their problems.

To find out what your audience are searching for, you need to use search analytics tools such as search console or keyword tools like Google keywords planner and ubersuggest.

Google search console gives you insight on what people are typing into Google to discover your website. That will give you a head up on how to solve their problems.

2. Look at competitors performance

If your niche has competitors (of course it does), you can tap into their analytics and discover what kind of content that performs very well for them. Competitors analytics can be very helpful in terms of giving you something to write about.

There are several tools (paid and free) that can be used to spy at your competitors. Below we have listed the most popular ones:

3. Join active Q&A forums

Do you know how funny people can be? Well, you can find out when you join Q&A forums like

People ask questions when they need answers and the best place to ask those questions are on forums websites.

You only need to figure out where your audience are and join them there. Hear what they ask and write your contents based on their questions.

2. Make your site mobile friendly

Believe it or not, up to 75% of website visitors use mobile devices. That's more reasons why your page should be mobile friendly!

Goggle includes mobile friendliness to their ranking factors and emphasize seriously on it. That means pages that are not mobile friendly will have to suffer drop in rank.

Should you use Mobile-first approach or a responsive design?

Well, that totally depends on your interest. Both mobile-first and responsive design are awesome! But for some reasons, I would prefer responsive design. I don't know about you. But if 80% of your users are on mobile, use mobile-first! And if 20% are on mobile, use responsive design.

The difference?

Mobile-first design is similar to building a mobile app and then expanding the layout so it can suite larger screen size without too many modification . While Responsive design us the other way round!

How to know if your page is mobile friendly

To check if your page passes the mobile friendly text, use this Google's free tool

serp ranking simplified

3. Pay attention to Technical SEO

Technical SEO refer to any kind of SEO done outside of your contents. So for you to rank your website fast, you should optimize beyond your contents.

submit your site to webmasters tool

Basically, this should be the first thing to do after you must have created your first post.

When you are ready to show your new website to the world, you should submit an XML sitemap to both Google search console and Bing webmasters tool to enable them craw your website and get your contents.

Login/create account with Google search console and Bing webmasters to get started. It's free!

improve your website speed

If your website is taking more than three seconds to load, there is a problem!

Work on your images - reduce the size and enable 'lazy-load', and minimize your JavaScript and css files, Change your server if it's not fast enough, reduce the number of plugins you use, and avoid free themes/templates.

use ssl certificates

In 2014, Google announced that https:// has become a ranking factor. So if you don't have ssl installed on your website, you are not doing the right thing.

4. Improve Domain age and Authority

Maybe I should not have included it, but domain age matters!

A study by ahref shows that, nearly 60% of pages that made their way up to 1 page of Google are more than three years old.

If you domain is less than a year old, give it more time to grow while you focus on Domain Authority!

Wrapping it up

As we all know SEO as an effort to make our webpages search engine friendly. We have control over our content but in terms of SERP ranking, Search Engines take over!

The guides above will only help you with the right things you should do, and then let Search Engines do their own part.