How long does it take a new website to rank on Google?

Ranking a new website is not always easy. It can take weeks, months or even years for a new website to rank on the first page of Google, depending on how seriously and how smartly you work on it.

Some seo companies may claim they can get your website to the first page of Google, but at the end of the day, you will realize you've wasted a lot money.

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Money cannot buy Google's Rank. So do not be tricked into paying any body to rank your website on Google. Learn how to do seo yourself! Or If you have money to spend, and you need quick result, invest on paid ads

Like I said in earlier post, no one has control over where their contents should be displayed on the search results page, but as a website owner/manager, you can instruct search engines.

Search Engines looks at many different factors when ranking websites. About 200 of then, according to backlinko.

Unless these factors receive the attention they deserve, your website will continue to suffer depression in ranking.

If you have a new website, and you want to rank on Google so soon, I have gathered some information that will help you make your website loved by Google.

How to rank a new website on Google?

This is possibly why you've been brought to this page. You want to learn how to rank a new website on Google.

It's no other way, but through SEO! This is the only way forward to get traffic on your blog organically.

Now, to start with, there are three types of SEO to the best of my knowledge. I will discus that in a later post.  but let me cut the tail small.

  1. Technical SEO involves submitting of website to search engines for indexing, design used on a website which can positively or negatively affect page speed, etc.
  2. On Page SEO reflects every seo effort carried out within pages of a website, for example, Internal linking, use of keyword, meta tags, etc.
  3. Off site SEO is any other activity outside of your website but in purpose of improving your website SEO.

So, to rank your website, first thing you should start with Technical > On page > Off site seo:

1. submit your website to Search Console

Every search engine has its own webmasters tool, in the case of Google, it is called Search Console.

It is a free tool from Google, packed with so any features, - i will talk about that in a later article.

To submit your website to Google's Search Console, follow the steps below:

  1. Head over to Google Search Console and login using your Google account.
  2. Click "Add new property" and type in your full website url
  3. If you are using Google's Blogger, Verification will be automatic. If not, follow the procedures you will be provided  with.

After adding your site to Search Console, next is to submit a sitemap.

Sitemap is an .xml file that tells search engines about the contents of your website. If your website is based on Google's Blogger, you don't need to create a sitemap separately, just add /sitemap.xml to the end of your website.

If you use WordPress, you need to install an SEO plugin, such as Yoast or AIO. They will provide you with a sitemap.

2. Use "Fetch As Google" to force Google to index your contents

Unless you publish a lot of contents, Google may feel reluctant to craw and index your pages.

But using this free feature of Search Console called "fetch as Google" will make Google discover your pages instantly and then add them to index cue for early indexing.

  • Type In the URL of the page you want to fetch and hit enter!
  • Allow Google to fetch and check if it can be indexed
  • If it was successful, request indexing at once!

3. Write more and more of meaningful contents

Google's spider is hungry! And it only feeds on contents.

Search Engines loves quality content. So the more content you publish, the more spiders come to check on your website, and the more excited they become.

But wait! You are not writing for search engines to read. So don't focus on feeding the spiders. instead, focus on satisfying your audience.

When you write a piece of interesting article, people will stay longer on them. That alone is enough to tell search engines that the page is information-packed and very useful.

And if other website owners find your content useful, they will link to it, and you gain another point of trust by Google, And chances increases.

4. Meta Titles and Descriptions matters a lot

Many searchers don't click through because your meta title and description don't give them reasons to.

Mata titles should be able to get searchers curious so that they will want to click through and read the content of your page.

Same thing goes to meta Descriptions. Write something that will keep people at suspense. Take a look at the two descriptions below;

And this;

The first one already said it all, and believe me, 80% will skip it, even though it may contain information they need.

But looking at the second one,

People where looking for; maybe Dave Grohl, or some sort of Ringo Starr.  maybe they where gazing at me when i was walking up the stage, And when  I sat down,...

Now, here is the thing, the title is talking about how I played a drum in a party. And the message in the description shows that people where not expecting someone like me. So when I sat down, what happened?

People will like to know what happened when I sat down, right?  Now they will click through.

5. Go viral on social media

Social signals help improve page rank, but it's not always easy to go viral on social media unless you promote your contents. Even at that, not all content can go viral.

Social media is a good Source of traffic to new website, and to the glory of God, it is free!

If you want to rank a new website, you should learn to write contents that your audience will love to share on social media.

Use tools like "sharethis", "sumo" or "addtoany" to encourage people to share your content.

Another way you can get more social share is by writing premium content that require someone to share before reading. Something like this...

how long does it take a new website to rank?

6. Claim a free Business Listing on Google

Many people don't know about this yet,

Google My Business is a free listing from Google. It does not cost a penny,  And yet very effective in search results.

To add a business listing on Google, log onto and register using your Google account. Verification is required, so give them some days to mail your verification code!

Wrapping it up

Ranking on Google is not within our control, but there are things we should do to increase the chances of getting a higher rank. I have mentioned the most important of all above!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Use the comment section below.